Vendor Directory

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Name Category Building Booth Items Sold
Adam Victor Novelties & Gifts East 29-30 Lighters, Wallets, Body Jewelry, Ball Caps
AK Grafix Clothing & Accessories, Clothing & Accessories Center 59 Blank T-shirts sales offering heat transfer & embroidery
Akins Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Home Furnishings & Decor, Household Goods East 123 Misc.
Alamane Jewelry & Timepieces, Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes East 92 Jewelry, Glassware
All That Glitter's Jewelry & Timepieces, Clothing & Accessories East 67,71-72 Unique jewelry
Alteration By Hernandez Services & Repairs, Clothing & Accessories Center 1 Alterations & Repair
Amish Pride Delights Food & Beverage, Novelties & Gifts Center 34-37 Amish Goods of all Kinds!
Avon IND. Sales, Donna Mathias Health & Beauty, Novelties & Gifts, Jewelry & Timepieces Center 51 This vendor has perfumes for men and women, lotions and many other Avon products at reduced prices here on site. They also take orders.
Axelrod Arts & Handmade Items, Home Furnishings & Decor East 7 Framed photos, photos, posters
Banks Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Household Goods East 126 NASCAR items, Household items
BeBack Antiques and Vintage Collectibles Antiques, Collectibles, Music & Instruments East 133-134 Antiques, Collectibles and Musical Instruments
Beer Shed Beef Food & Beverage Center 76-77 Beef Jerky
Betty's Gifts Novelties & Gifts, Collectibles Center 31-32 Precious Moments Figures
Big Ron's Collectibles Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Collectibles, Novelties & Gifts East 153 Sport cars, Plaques, Jerseys, Balls
Blondie's Food & Beverage East 18 Snacks, Cold and Hot drinks, Breakfast Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joes, Soup, Fresh Popped Pop Corn and More!!
Bock for Avon Health & Beauty East 74-75 Avon
Bock for Antique Dolls Antiques, Collectibles East 83-84 Antique Dolls
Bock for Disney Collectibles Toys & Video Games, Collectibles East 129-130 Disney Collectilbes
Rab's good stuff Home Furnishings & Decor, Household Goods, Toys & Video Games East 117-119 Furniture and Artwork. This vendor also has wheelchair and stroller rental available.
Boone,Susan Health & Beauty Center 3-4 handbags
Botson Clothing & Accessories, Arts & Handmade Items East 52-53 Facepainting, Costumes, Clothing
Boyd's Bears Collectibles, Household Goods, Home Furnishings & Decor East 36 Stuffed Bears
Brown,Ronald Collectibles Center 62 Nascar
Brunger,Gary Collectibles Center 31 European Cards
Bylewski, Kelly Home Furnishings & Decor, Toys & Video Games center 7 home decor/crafts/resale/horse clothes/toys dolls
C.D.L Beer Signs & Vintage Collectibles Antiques, Collectibles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 16,21-23
Carver Food & Beverage, Clothing & Accessories, Arts & Handmade Items East 54-55 Homemade food, Snacks & sweets, Crochet items
Christensen Antiques, Home Furnishings & Decor, Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes East 87-88 Furniture, Glassware
City Safe/ Helbig Enterprises Self Defense Products East 81-82 This vendor is a supplier of personal self-defense merchandise, to include; pepper spray, child alarms, diversion safes, self defense key chains, panic and door alarms, kubotans, knives and the area's largest selection of name brand state-of-the-art stun guns by Cheetah, Streetwise, Stun Master, Lava, Zap and others... Established 2002.
Coins and more Coins & Stamps, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 85-86 Coins, Sports memorabilia
Crazy Tommy's Computers/Car Audio/Electronics Music & Instruments, Services & Repairs East 137-138 Discount Car Audio, Computers, Electronics. Website:
Crowley,Patricia Household Goods Center 45 misc.
Crystals N Sterling Jewelry & Timepieces, Services & Repairs, Clothing & Accessories Center 20,21 This vendor has Handmade jewelry featuring Swaroyski crystals, Sterling silver, and semi- precious stones. Customer orders are welcomed and light repairs are also available. Stop by and see Denise!
Custer Home Furnishings & Decor East 11-12 Knick knacks, Pictures
Davis,Mark Food & Beverage center 76-77 jerky
Deb's Vintage & Handmade Items Arts & Handmade Items, Antiques East 90 This vendor has Antique and Vintage items, along with handmade scarves and washcloth's.
Delacruz Services & Repairs Center 27 Computer repairs & sales
Yesie's Thirft Shop Home Furnishings & Decor East 152 Misc. new and used household items
Di's Ceramics Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Arts & Handmade Items Center 38-41 This vendor has painted ceramics, Bisque, Paints, Plates and accessories for ceramics and brushes.
Diana's Corner Clothing & Accessories, Books & DVDs, Toys & Video Games East 173-174 Books, Jewelry and Toys for fun and entertainment
Discount Groceries Discount Groceries, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage Center 55-56 Shampoo, Cleaning supplies, Snacks
LLaneland Antiques, Collectibles Center 57
E.L.M's Odds and Ends Home Furnishings & Decor, Bargain Bin Items, Collectibles Center 23 I have misc. items of all kinds
EJ's Sport Cards Collectibles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia Center 24-26 Vintage Cards, Autographs, Non-Sport Sets
For That Perfect Touch Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor East 105 Faberge Style Egg Art
Game Room Toys & Video Games, Food & Beverage East 39,62
Geraldine Moretz Home Furnishings & Decor East 96-97 Glassware
Girton,Neil Antiques, Coins & Stamps, Jewelry & Timepieces Center 66-67 antiques,coins,buy&sell gold
Gold Chain by the Inch Jewelry & Timepieces, Clothing & Accessories East 109 24 Karat gold & rhodium overlayed jewelry sold by the inch. Free Lifetime Guarantee. Unique and fun childrens t-shirts.
Gonzalez,Fernando Household Goods Center 46-47
Goose Costumes by Bonnie Krenzer Goose Clothes , Arts & Handmade Items Center 23 This vendor sells Goose costumes and Fabric crafts. She offers 4 sizes of Costumes for the concrete or plastic goose. Come see Bonnie today at Jamies or visit her website at
Gressler,Denise Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Jewelry & Timepieces Center 20-21 Retired Ashton Drakes,Dichroic glass,Magnetic swaroski,crystals,semi precious stones
Griffor Jewelry & Timepieces, Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts East 172 Handmade Jewelry & Misc.
Grisel,Tom Household Goods Center 80-85 Clothing & Accessories Center 3 Handbags and Wallets
Herb's Fishing Equipment Hunting & Fishing, Novelties & Gifts East 27-28 Fishing Equipment (poles, reels, parts etc.)
Hiner Collectibles East 100,101 This vendor has collectible cookie jars for everyone!! Stop by and see Mr. Hiner today!!
Holt, William Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor East 14 Dia Casts, Trains, Model Cars, Display cases
Howard,John Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Books & DVDs, Collectibles Center 24-26 sports cards, comics
Husk Household Goods, Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes East 1 Glassware, Kitchen items, Watkins products
Independent Distributions Bargain Bin Items, Clothing & Accessories, Hunting & Fishing Center 80-85 Hats, Belts, Socks, Kitchen items, fishing items
It's My Cup of Tea Arts & Handmade Items, Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Home Furnishings & Decor East 58 Tea Pots & Tea Cups
J & J INTERIOR DESIGNS Home Furnishings & Decor, Antiques, Collectibles East 37-38 Let us decorate your home! Nautical and Golf items, many collectibles for your home. Tin signs, baskets ETC.
J & J Sales Food & Beverage, Collectibles, Stationary Items East 175 J & J has over 100 varieties of Amish Jams and Preserves, Amish pickled foods, honey and Boswell Blends, soups and flavored ciders. They also have card stock, note and sketch pads, stationary and cards. In addition, J & J has vintage glass and oil cans, wood decor and Mink and Cotton blankets, Stop by booth 175 in the front of the East building and take a look!
J & K GOLD + SILVER MINE Jewelry & Timepieces East 154-155 Buyer of Gold and Silver
James Pence Antiques, Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Home Furnishings & Decor East 79
Jan's Place Books & DVDs, Collectibles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia Center 68-71 I also have card, coin and mailing supplies, collectibles, and ALWAYS holiday items!! I have been in business for over 45 years and here at Jamie's for 6 years.
Jewelry by Sandy G. Arts & Handmade Items, Jewelry & Timepieces East 104 This vendor handcrafts jewelry using copper for cuffs and ring pendants with wire wrapping.
Jim & Lueh's Corner Household Goods, Home Furnishings & Decor, Collectibles Center 17 This vendor sells one of a kind furniture pieces along with accessories that will compliment your decor. Also, name brand plush characters from Alvin to Ziggy. They bring in new inventory weekly, and if you don't see something you are looking for just ask Jim!
Johnson Home Furnishings & Decor, Jewelry & Timepieces East 13 Jewelry, Pictures
Johnson Home Furnishings & Decor, Household Goods East 125 Pictures, Household goods
Kassaye,Fissuh Household Goods East 59 misc.
Kiedrowski's Bakery Food & Beverage East 165-166
Kieffers's Home Furnishings & Decor, Household Goods, Collectibles East 43-45 Misc. items
Klanac Tools & Hardware, Household Goods, Collectibles East 146 Military, Household goods, Misc.
Klanac,John Home Furnishings & Decor East 146 Funiture
Kneil's Nives Self Defense Products, Collectibles, Antiques Center 66-67 Knives, Swords and Antiques
Krenzer, Boonie Household Goods, Collectibles Center 22 Misc.
Ceramic Bigque-you paint Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes East 104 Ceramic Bisque-you paint
LaGanke Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor East 16,21-23 Beer Signs, Sports items
Langham,Theresa Arts & Handmade Items Center 57 Homemade baths items, candles
Larry's Treasures Antiques, Collectibles, Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes East 78 Electric and oil lights
Leigh's Place Household Goods, Home Furnishings & Decor, Novelties & Gifts East 103 Miscellanous Household Items
Lewis Collectibles, Jewelry & Timepieces East 112-114 Jewelry, Collectible precious stones
Linda Miller Books & DVDs Center 14
Lizzie's This & That Corner Cupboard Household Goods, Books & DVDs, Collectibles Center 8 This vendor has everything you don't need.. BUT!! she might have something you want!! Merchandise is added weekly.
Logar,Linda Household Goods Center 28-29 Misc.
Lou's Collectibles Collectibles, Coins & Stamps, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 8-9 Coins and Vintage NON-SPORTS cards
Lovejoy Household Goods, Home Furnishings & Decor East 142-243 Misc. household goods
M.A.A.L.L. CUSTOM EMBROIDERY Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Pet Supplies East 93-95 We sell custom made: Corn Hole bags- Stuffed Toys- Doll Clothes- Dog Coats
Marcet Novel- Tees Clothing & Accessories East 98-99 Pick a picture design to be applied to printable fabrics such as; tees, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc.
Marco's Pizza Food & Beverage Center 64 Pizza by the slice and whole, Cheesy Bread, and Sandwiches
Marlene's Menageria Antiques, Collectibles East 127-128 Marlene's business has Glassware, Jewelry, and Art mostly. Prices are reasonable and things are good quality items. She has been in the business for about 27 years and she loves her customers, they are friends for life.
McCARTNEY,Laurie Bargain Bin Items, Discount Groceries Center 55-56 coupon purchasrd items for resale, conrience store
McGRADY, Gerald Novelties & Gifts Center 16 Computors, Scrapbooks
McKillps Novelties & Gifts Center 2 Stick & hat pins, Belt buckles, Wallets
Miller,Linda Books & DVDs, Religious Items Center 14
Millie Mitchell Jewelry & Timepieces, Clothing & Accessories, Novelties & Gifts Center 52-54 Jewelry, Clothing, Cards
MOTHER EARTH'S AROMATIC GIFTS Health & Beauty, Novelties & Gifts, Antiques East 63
Mouser Jewelry & Timepieces, Clothing & Accessories, Books & DVDs Center 72-75,78-79 Jewelry, Books, Hats
Ossman Clothing & Accessories, Collectibles, Self Defense Products East 65-66 Swords, Sunglasses, Head wraps
Our Corner of the World Household Goods, Bargain Bin Items, Arts & Handmade Items Center 33 We are a retired couple trying to down-size. We have too much stuff! Stop in to find household items, dishes, collectibles, books, clothing and other miscellaneous items!
Paisley,Beth Food & Beverage Center 9-10 Candy,Cookies,Gift Baskets,Edible Arrangments
Parker, Robert Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Arts & Handmade Items, Household Goods Center 58 Misc. Glassware
Pat's Thrift Shop Novelties & Gifts, Household Goods, Bargain Bin Items East 159,160 Pat's Thrift Shop has a little of this and a little of that. There is something here for everyone!
Patti-Cakes Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts Center 18 Handmade Baby Diaper Cakes
Patton Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Toys & Video Games, Household Goods East 40-41, 60-61 Glassware, Toys, Household items
Pee Wee Coins & Supplies Coins & Stamps, Novelties & Gifts, Collectibles East 34 Coins, Knick-knacks
Pegasus Photo Studio & Scentsy Wickless Candles Home Furnishings & Decor, Arts & Handmade Items, Books & DVDs East 57 This vendor offers Photography Services and Scentsy items!! Book your 2014 Wedding today! Stefanie offers the following packages: Up to 4 hours... $595 Over 4 hours, less than 7 hours... $795 Civil Ceremonies... $150 (slightly higher outside Lorain/Eastern Erie county) $100 DISCOUNT FOR VETS!!!!!! Stefanie can be reached by telephone at (440)752-6289, email, and please also visit her website for more information, Stefanie also sells Scentsy scents and warmers, takes orders and does parties!! She also does personalized embroidery items and does give team discounts! Visit booth 26 in the East building for more information!!
Pete & Daisy Gourmet Dog Bakery Pet Supplies, Arts & Handmade Items, Clothing & Accessories Center 28,29 Health Conscious Dog Treats
Pieces, Parts, Patches & Pockets Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor Center 60 Americana Items
Pleska,Janet&Rick Household Goods Center 65
Price Family Jewelry Jewelry & Timepieces, Services & Repairs East 161-162 These vendors are have estate jewelry, watches and offer jewelry and watch repair.
Priebe Household Goods, Home Furnishings & Decor, Collectibles East 136 Misc.
Ramos,Mary Books & DVDs, Religious Items Center 50
Ramsier,Melinda Home Furnishings & Decor Center 5-6 Monuments, Granite countertops, trim
Record Space Art Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Jewelry & Timepieces East 56 This vendor sells music related specialties, pictures, vintage posters, records, Hemp, Tye-Dye, Fun stuff, and music T-shirts. Stop by and see Kim today!
Redtree's Naked Soaps Health & Beauty Center 61 Handcrafted soaps
Roberts Home Furnishings & Decor, Household Goods, Novelties & Gifts East 147-151 Flags, Spencer's gift items
Rosenberg Sports Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Books & DVDs, Collectibles East 24,25 Hot Wheels, Miniature cars
Rosenberg Toys Toys & Video Games, Collectibles East 24,25,46-48 Hot Wheels, Miniature cars
Scentsy Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Home Furnishings & Decor Center 15 This vendor sells Scentsy! They have warmers with bold colors, rare textures and trendy patterns that melt specially formulated wax enhancing your home with more than 80 fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke or soot!
Schippel,Bill Household Goods Center 33
Scholl Home Furnishings & Decor, Jewelry & Timepieces, Clothing & Accessories East 50 Crystal lights, Hats
Seabold,Jim Tools & Hardware, Arts & Handmade Items Center 43-44 woodcrafts,engraving,yardart
See Ceramics, Glassware & Dishes, Collectibles, Jewelry & Timepieces East 107 Collectible glassware, Jewelry
Sexton Books & DVDs, Toys & Video Games, Food & Beverage East 68,89 Drinks, Chips, Comic books, Toys
Sir Davin & Co. Food & Beverage Center 9-10 Coffee, Candy and Snacks
Smith-kelly,phyllis Household Goods center 60 misc.
Sowards Household Goods East 102 Misc.
Steven L. York Antiques, Jewelry & Timepieces, Coins & Stamps East 64 Ohio Licensed Precious Metals Dealer. Honest buyer of Silver, Gold and Coins!
Susan's Used Books Books & DVDs Center 42,48-49 Books
TaroBear's Lair Novelties & Gifts, Collectibles, Toys & Video Games Center 30 This vendor is a Distributor of European regional playing cards. Ask for a FREE lesson in Scopa, Italy's most famous card game!! Stop by and play with Gary today!
Tedford Arts & Handmade Items East 56 Record Art
Elyria EdenPURE, Outlet Services & Repairs, Household Goods East 157 Elyria EdenPURE Outlet. Heaters, Air & Water Purifiers, Paint Additives and more.
The Collectible Booth Toys & Video Games, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Collectibles East 110-111 "A little bit of everything and not much of anything"
Arndt, Susan Books & DVDs Center 42,48-49 Used books
The Lunch Counter Food & Beverage East 176 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks
The Pilot Religious Items Center 50 Religious Items
Toth Household Goods East 15 Misc.
VACUUMS ONLY Household Goods, Services & Repairs East 49 All your vacuum needs in one stop
Variety Virginia Home Furnishings & Decor East 31-32 Touch Lamps
Sears Gardening Supplies, Tools & Hardware East 26
Vicky's Stepping Stones & More Tools & Hardware, Jewelry & Timepieces, Goose Clothes East 2-4 At Vicky's Stepping Stones & More, you can always find something for anyone. We have a wide variety of cement statuary to decorate your yard, or how about giving her that special gift basket, a piece of unique jewelry, or scone mix! For him, we have a variety of hand and power tools and gourmet dips! Come see us today!
Wagers,Chris Household Goods East 171
Williston Household Goods, Self Defense Products, Arts & Handmade Items East 167,168,169 This vendor is here for all your self defense needs plus handcrafted things for your home, electric candles and a little bit of everything else!
Winebrenner Books & DVDs, Bargain Bin Items East 6 Books, Knick knacks
Wing's Art & Handmade Items Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Clothing & Accessories Center 19 Crocheted Baby Items
Wood You Could & More Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Home Furnishings & Decor Center 43-44 Made in America Metal Sign reproductions, Customized engraved crafts including glassware, wood & metal items
Wykle Jewelry & Timepieces, Coins & Stamps, Antiques Center 11-13 Antique & new clocks, Clock repair, Watches & Coins
Wykle,James Jewelry & Timepieces, Services & Repairs Center 11-12-13
Youngless Household Goods East 33 Household goods
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