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You never know what you'll find or how its value can increase. If you know something about antiques, or would like to learn, start at Jamie's flea market. You may find undiscovered treasures.

Can't find what you are looking for? Check out our vendor directory or swing by the office located in the front of the Center building and we'll do our best to help you!

Open Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-4pm all year round with free admission, free parking, and enough fun for your whole family!!


C.D.L Beer Signs & Vintage Collectibles
(Booth: 21-25)

This vendor sells:

Vintage Beer Signs

Sports Collectibles

Vintage Toys

Music Records

Steven L. York
(Booth: 37,64)

Deb's Vintage & Handmade Items
(Booth: 90,91)

This vendor has many antique and vintage items, along with handmade scarves and washcloth's. Definitely a must see!

Akins, Jeff
(Booth: 27,28)

Antiques Vendors

C.D.L Beer Signs & Vintage Collectibles - East
Booth: 21-25

Steven L. York - East
Booth: 37,64

Deb's Vintage & Handmade Items - East
Booth: 90,91

Classique Collectibles - East
Booth: 14

Castle, Vicki - Center
Booth: 30

I Believe In Resale - East
Booth: 65,66

Steele - East
Booth: 15,16,52

Ken's - East
Booth: 140,141

John Prince - East
Booth: 83

Pence, Tim - Center
Booth: 3,27,28,29

Akins, Jeff - East
Booth: 27,28

Renett, Rodger - East
Booth: 132

Toyman - east
Booth: 135,136

One more time with Kathryn and Marilyn - East
Booth: 94

The Home & Decor Sore - Center
Booth: 61,62,63

One more time with kathryn and marilyn - East
Booth: 108,109

Chop Shop - East
Booth: 48

M & E Collectables - East
Booth: 46,47,48

Mikes collectables and antiques - Center
Booth: 12,13-14

My Reclaimed Life - East
Booth: 52

Lost Treasures - Center Building
Booth: 60

Tons of Stuff - Center
Booth: 59,60

Raliff's Collectibles - East
Booth: 7

Legacies in the Making - East
Booth: 49

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