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At Jamie's, you'll find many indoor and outside vendors offering:

  • New & gently-used clothing & sportswear.
  • Accessories like purses, belts & hats.
  • Shoes, sunglasses and more!

Fitting rooms may be scarce, but with the low prices, you may want to take the chance and buy it. Children's clothing can be a steal and will be cheaper than consignment store prices. You can also find lovely hand-knit or crochet items for babies - a wonderful gift you can buy at flea market prices.

Can't find what you are looking for? Check out our vendor directory or swing by the office located in the front of the Center building and we'll do our best to help you!

Open Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-4pm all year round with free admission, free parking, and enough fun for your whole family!!

Clothing / Accessories Vendors

Alterations by Hernandez - Center
Booth: 1

Wing's Art & Handmade Items - Center
Booth: 19

Millie Mitchell - Center
Booth: 52-54

Mouser, Eva - Center
Booth: 66,67,72,73,74,75

Independent Distributions - Center
Booth: 82-85

Ossman - East
Booth: 65-66,71-72,87

My Business is "Personalized" - East
Booth: 42

Ordered Chaos - East
Booth: 4

Mercure, Frances B. - East
Booth: 169

May, Jorge - East
Booth: 82

Quirky Dee's - East
Booth: 104

Barb's best - Center
Booth: 5,6

Books - East
Booth: 8-9

Yaya's Goodies - East
Booth: 142

Re-Bean - East
Booth: 40,41

Koscho, Leah - East
Booth: 26

Busy Bailey - East
Booth: 46

Hamilton, Jennifer - East
Booth: 49

Paula's Treasures - Center
Booth: 11

Paula's Rehome Project - Center
Booth: 12

Fekka Clothing Company LLC. - East
Booth: 132131

Tedford, Kim - East
Booth: 53

Tanya Medrano - Center
Booth: 7

Dunn Sold It - East
Booth: 116

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