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Are you a lover of Depression or Carnival glass, Hummels, miniatures, collector plates, chalkware and other figurines? Perhaps you or a family member collect old toy cars, cards, or comic books, or just enjoy browsing yesteryear's wares.

Add Jamie's to your list of places to shop, and stop by frequently, our vendors regularly add new items to their collections.


Can't find what you are looking for? Check out our vendor directory or swing by the office located in the front of the Center building and we'll do our best to help you!

Open Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-4pm all year round with free admission, free parking, and enough fun for your whole family!!


C.D.L Beer Signs & Vintage Collectibles
(Booth: 16,21-23,43)

This vendor sells:

Vintage Beer Signs

Sports Collectibles

Vintage Toys

Music Records

Cales Jr., Carl / Stewart, Jamie
(Booth: 153)

EJ's Sport Cards
(Booth: 24-26)

EJ's Sports Cards handles a wide variety of sports memorabilia including Vintage Cards, Sets, Autographs, Bobbleheads, Non-Sport Sets, Comics and more!!

For That Perfect Touch
(Booth: 105)

Faberge Style Egg Art- with signed certificate. Classes offered weekly. Seasonal decor, Infant Knitware handmade- 6 pastel colors. Scentsy warmers and wax products.

Collectibles Vendors

Kneil's Nives - Center
Booth: 66,67

C.D.L Beer Signs & Vintage Collectibles - East
Booth: 16,21-23,43

Booth: 37-38

Ossman - East
Booth: 65,66,71,72,87

Bock for Avon - East
Booth: 74,75,84

Hiner, Robert - East
Booth: 100-101,109

See, Georgia - East
Booth: 107

The Collectible Booth - East
Booth: 110-111

Lewis, Patty & Roy - East
Booth: 140-141

Cales Jr., Carl / Stewart, Jamie - East
Booth: 153

EJ's Sport Cards - Center
Booth: 24-26

Betty's Gifts - Center
Booth: 31-32

For That Perfect Touch - East
Booth: 105

D&M Originals - East
Booth: 104

Orodini, Michael - East
Booth: 6

Happy Links Jewelry & Collectibles - East
Booth: 161-162

Bires, Robert A. - East
Booth: 83

Classique Collectibles - East
Booth: 14,53-55

CUBE - T.E.C. - East
Booth: 130,137-139

Grande Gifts - East
Booth: 30

Geek Gear - East
Booth: 119

Castle, Vicki - Center
Booth: 30

Custer's Ware - East
Booth: 76-77

Mercure, Frances B. - East
Booth: 169

Rick's Flea Market - East
Booth: 26

Ramos, Daniel - Center
Booth: 17

I Believe In Resale - East
Booth: 80

Kethy's Kloset - East
Booth: 116-118

San Antonio Gypsy - East
Booth: 108

Ewell, Donna - Center
Booth: 7

Just Because... - Center
Booth: 28-29

Trinkets, Toys, & Treasures - East
Booth: 63

Love It Again Resale - Center
Booth: 50

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