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Didja know… How Flea Markets Started in the U.S?
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The term "flea market" is almost impossible to trace and there are no official documents that relate to the term in history. The very first reference was noted in France back in 1860 and it translates to Marche Aux Puces, which was an outdoor market in the centre of Paris. People referred to the markets as "flea markets" because people used to bring their old upholstery and furniture to the market with hopes that they could make a sale. This furniture was often flea infested and people would refer to these creatures as wingless bloodsuckers, or fleas, as we know them.

This outdoor market provided young entrepreneurs and salesmen with the chance to make a profit on their goods while also attracting a large audience. Soon, farmers and tradesmen joined the flea market scene and soon it was much more than just a market for old furniture. It was a community where people could meet, trade, profit and acquire goods that were not normally available to them, so it quickly escalated into an integral part of the community.

News of this broke through to America and now there are other 5,000 markets in total. There are also special events, swap meets, farmer's markets and more and it is said that over a million vendors attend them every single year. It is true when they say that every country has their own translation of the word "flea market" and some countries even have their own founding theories of how they started, but the Paris theory is the longest standing theory.

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