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Name Category Building Booth Items Sold
Books Books / DVD's, Clothing / Accessories, Jewelry / Timepieces East 8-9
Alainn's Treasures Arts & Handmade Items, Jewelry / Timepieces, Miscellaneous Items East 57 stationary, wreaths, original artwork on t shirts, mugs done with sublimation, we also customize
Alemane, Ray Jewelry / Timepieces, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes East 92 Jewelry, Glassware
Allen, Sharon Arts & Handmade Items, Books / DVD's, Home Furnishings & Decor Center 16 Home made plastic canvas and books to keep you busy.
Coins and more Coins / Stamps, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 85,86 Coins, Sports memorabilia
Debbies Deals Clothing / Accessories, Miscellaneous Items, Toys / Video Games East 93 resale items at a low cost. Kids grow up fast! Save money and shop
Uptown Style Arts & Handmade Items, Engraving, Toys / Video Games East 50
Banks Novelties & Gifts, Arts & Handmade Items, Miscellaneous Items East 133-134 Nascar, crafts, and clean household resale
Ken's Antiques, Bargain Bin Items, Toys / Video Games East 139-141 Toys antiques, and more!
J & B Antiques Antiques, Arts & Handmade Items, Music & Instruments Center 14 Records, Cassettes, CDs, Audio Equipment, Old Bottles, Art Glass, Advertising Items
Beano's Coins / Stamps, Jewelry / Timepieces, Miscellaneous Items Center 50-51 Coins, jewelry, and miscellaneous.
Barb's best Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Clothing / Accessories, Household Goods Center 5,6 Alot of house hold goods! Redesigning home great booth to stop at
Flipensteins Collectibles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Toys / Video Games East 39,62-63 Flipping sports cards, toys, t-shirts and collectibles
Bock for Avon Health & Beauty, Collectibles East 74,75,84 Avon, collectibles
Ordered Chaos Books / DVD's, Clothing / Accessories, Miscellaneous Items East 4 Household merchandise, books, and videos. Downsizing.
Brown, Brian Books / DVD's, Household Goods, Music & Instruments East 129,130,131,132 we sell dvds, blu-rays, electronics, poster, movie memrobillia
Mrs. C's Pastries & Crafts Food / Sweets / Beverages, Novelties & Gifts, Miscellaneous Items Center 2
Cales Jr., Carl / Stewart, Jamie Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Collectibles, Toys / Video Games East 153 Vintage comics & sports cards
Cardona, Sunny Miscellaneous Items East 69 Misc.
Castle, Vicki Antiques, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Collectibles Center 30 Puzzles, 18" crocheted doll ponchos and hats, antique dishes, and many other miscellaneous items.
Josh's Corner Home Furnishings & Decor , Miscellaneous Items, Tools & Hardware East 114, A place to find that perfect gift or just that one of a kind find that you just have to have! MANY deals of the day!!
Linda's Unlimited Creations Arts & Handmade Items, Bargain Bin Items, Jewelry / Timepieces Center 9,10 We sell tumblers, headbands, bows, jewelry and more!
Cerney, Kimberly Miscellaneous Items East 10,11
Classique Collectibles Antiques, Collectibles, Miscellaneous Items East 14,53,54-55 Quality collectibles, antiques, and treasures.
Pink Zebra Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Novelties & Gifts, Household Goods Center 47 wax melts, wax warmers, home fragrance, fragrance decor, home decor, reed, diffusers, car fragrances
Craig-Dixon, Donna Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles East 146
The Brilologist Books / DVD's, Collectibles, Toys / Video Games East 76,77 Lego collector will be selling mainly lego, I have other stuff from my ebay store from furniture, antiques, toys and random cool stuff I've found
Amish Pride Delights Food / Sweets / Beverages, Novelties & Gifts Center 33-36 Amish Goods of all Kinds!
Custer's Ware Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor , Miscellaneous Items East 102-103 Fishing gear, antiques, collectibles, books, and CD's.
Davis, Mark Food / Sweets / Beverages, Music & Instruments Center 76-77 Jerky, local honey, and instruments
Ecker, Jack Music & Instruments, Music & Instruments East 67 Musical instruments sold here!
For That Perfect Touch Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor East 105 Faberge Style Egg Art
My Friends Record Store Antiques, Collectibles, Miscellaneous Items Center 15,17 Odds and Ends with Ecclectic touch of Misc Colletables
Eyring, Sandra Miscellaneous Items East 115
My Business is "Personalized" Home Furnishings & Decor , Clothing / Accessories, Toys / Video Games East 42 Arts and crafts: Material flower arrangements. Vases (some lit, some with potpurri scents), wreaths for all occassions, and other nic nacs.
This n That Arts & Handmade Items, Books / DVD's, Home Furnishings & Decor Center 18 Its alot of collectables and other items, big amount is from estate from mom and I make a variety of crafts
Flo Resale Bargain Bin Items, Household Goods, Miscellaneous Items Center 45,46 We Buy and resell liquidated goods from major retailers
Lavender Snow Gifts Arts & Handmade Items, Jewelry / Timepieces, Novelties & Gifts East 121-122 I currently make unique crocheted jewelry from metallic thread, beads and various natural stones. Plus other crocheted items including "scrubbies" and baby headbands.
Ford, Debra Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Collectibles, Miscellaneous Items East 38 gentley loved enamelware, ceramics, household decor, kitchen utensils "A little of everyting and a lot of everything"
Fords Fragrance oils and more Clothing / Accessories, Health & Beauty, Miscellaneous Items Center 49 fragrance oils, natural soaps, toothpaste, oil lamps. We sell oils soaps items for homes and also toys made
The Corner Store Household Goods, Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts East 36 High end and designer for the working class customer.
Gnagl, George Arts & Handmade Items, Clothing / Accessories, Novelties & Gifts Center 13 candles and clothing
Grande Gifts Home Furnishings & Decor , Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles East 29-30 Unique decor items for homes, train layouts, pristine gift books at unbelievable prices, apartment buddy seasonal dioramas, bargains galore, and the unusual!
Lulie's Attic Antiques, Collectibles, Household Goods East 108,109 I resell of antiques, vintage and collectibles
Crystals & Sterling Jewelry / Timepieces, Novelties & Gifts, Greeting Cards Center 20,21 I sell a variety of items. Noosa Snap Jewelry, Jordan Essentials all natural line of products, quilting fabric, alpaca socks, and much more. Stop by and check everything out!
Independent Distributions Bargain Bin Items, Clothing / Accessories, Hunting & Fishing Center 82-85 Hats, Belts, Socks, Kitchen items, fishing items
I Believe In Resale Antiques, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor East 80-81 Antiques, collectibles, home decor, furniture lighting, and vintage items.
Hamilton Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Self Defense Products East 56 Glassware, knives, and metal signs for sale.
Busy Bee's Tye Dyes Novelties & Gifts, Household Goods, Bargain Bin Items East 154-160 Tye Dyes, baby clothes, T-shirts, and Jewelry
Geek's Lore Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Toys / Video Games East 128 Gaming Shop, Make handmade Items for RPG Gaming & Sell Games/Toys/Collectibles. Take Custom orders as well.
T. B. H. International Home Furnishings & Decor , Arts & Handmade Items, Gardening Supplies East 112-113 Speciality merchandise of unique products, quality items at great prices. Magic equipment & lessons and carnival games for children.Entertainment productions, filmmaking & photography, and entertainers.
City Safe/ Helbig Enterprises Self Defense Products East 167-168 This vendor is a supplier of personal self-defense merchandise, to include; pepper spray, child alarms, diversion safes, self defense key chains, panic and door alarms, kubotans, knives and the area's largest selection of name brand state-of-the-art stun guns by Cheetah, Streetwise, Stun Master, Lava, Zap and others... Established 2002.
1313 Macabre Lane Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Music & Instruments Center 37-42 One of a kind handmade items, antiques/collectibles, jewelry, and instruments.
Hiner, Robert Collectibles East 100-101,108 This vendor has collectible cookie jars for everyone!! Stop by and see Mr. Hiner today!!
Kimberly Ann by Design Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor Center 59,60,61,62 A mix of household items and handmade items. We have crafts and a few collectables.
Howard, John Sporting Goods & Memorabilia Center 24,25,,26 sports cards sports memorbialla
Tommy Sportscards Collectibles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 88 I'll have a cool collection of sports cards and memorabilia for sale.
Husk Household Goods, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes East 1 Glassware, Kitchen items, Watkins products
Rah Custom Creations Arts & Handmade Items, Home Furnishings & Decor , Novelties & Gifts East 104 laser engraved products, prints, plaques
The Collectible Booth Toys / Video Games, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Collectibles East 110-111 "A little bit of everything and not much of anything"
Johnson, Barb Home Furnishings & Decor , Jewelry / Timepieces East 13 Jewelry, Pictures
Simply Rustic Antiques, Home Furnishings & Decor , Novelties & Gifts Center 68 We specialize in refinished furniture and home decor
Kiedrowski's Bakery Food / Sweets / Beverages East 165-166 Baked Goods
Koscho, Leah Books / DVD's, Clothing / Accessories, Home Furnishings & Decor East 26 vintage, country, summer and fall items
Goose Costumes by Bonnie Krenzer Goose Clothes , Arts & Handmade Items Center 22-23 This vendor sells Goose costumes and Fabric crafts. She offers 4 sizes of Costumes for the concrete or plastic goose. Come see Bonnie today at Jamies or visit her website at
C.D.L Beer Signs & Vintage Collectibles Antiques, Collectibles, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 16,21-25,43 Miscellaneous
Val's Treasures/Purses & Scentsy Home Furnishings & Decor , Novelties & Gifts, Novelties & Gifts Center 8 Attractive warmers to decorate your home and scented waxes for a beautiful scent. Grace Adele purses and jewelry.
Lockdown Card & Hobby Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Books / DVD's, Toys / Video Games Center 78,79 Specializing in Sportscards and Memorabilia
Mancuso, Patricia Home Furnishings & Decor , Miscellaneous Items East 143,144
Unique Designs by Jeanette Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Household Goods Center 48 I'm a crafter, wreath designer, florals, novelty items. One of a kind creations. Also some resale.
Blondie's Diner Food / Sweets / Beverages East 18,51 Snacks, Cold and Hot drinks, Breakfast Sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joes, Soup, Fresh Popped Pop Corn and More!!
May, Jorge Clothing / Accessories, Household Goods, Toys / Video Games East 82
Discount Groceries Discount Groceries, Health & Beauty, Food / Sweets / Beverages Center 57-58 Shampoo, Cleaning supplies, Snacks
McCoy, Christine Antiques, Home Furnishings & Decor , Household Goods East 52 selling things to downsize.
Pink Zebra Home Independent Consultant Home Furnishings & Decor , Household Goods, Novelties & Gifts East 33 We have blendable soft soy wax sprinkles which you put in a warmer. Have soak lotions etc. safe for your skin, or pets. Lots of home decor.
Mercure, Frances B. Clothing / Accessories, Antiques, Collectibles East 169
Millie Mitchell Jewelry / Timepieces, Clothing / Accessories, Novelties & Gifts Center 52-54 Jewelry, Clothing, Cards
Geraldine Moretz Home Furnishings & Decor East 96-97 Glassware
Mouser, Eva Jewelry / Timepieces, Clothing / Accessories, Books / DVD's Center 66,67,72,73,74,75 Jewelry, Books, Hats
Weirdory Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Toys / Video Games East 70 We make handmade items for dungeons and dragons, also tabletop roleplaying games
O'neill, Catalino Ramos Arts & Handmade Items, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Toys / Video Games East 53 hot wheel collectibles, die cast items, handmade cups, key chains, beer mugs, nightlights, shirts, bows custom made
Ossman Clothing / Accessories, Collectibles, Self Defense Products East 65-66,71-72,87 Swords, Sunglasses, Head wraps
Cesar's Attic Antiques, Collectibles East 12 Antiques, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor
Mamma B's Crafty Creations Arts & Handmade Items, Pet Supplies, Household Goods center 4 I make pillows, dog tug ropes, catnip pouches, rice heating bags, key chains, sand art, canvas paintings, crocheted items sometimes bring stuff from home
Spideys Quick Press Collectibles, Arts & Handmade Items, Health & Beauty East 31-32 cold process soap, buy sell comic books
Jan's Place Household Goods Center 69-71 Card, coin & Comic Supplies, Barbies, fishing, collectibles, mailers, DVD's
Sands of time etching Arts & Handmade Items, Clothing / Accessories, Engraving East 137,138 custom made (printing) clothing & extra
716 Design llc Arts & Handmade Items, Greeting Cards, Home Furnishings & Decor East 15 I paint furniture and upcycle items into furniture and home decor.
John Prince Antiques, Books / DVD's, Collectibles East 83 I am disposing of many items accumulated over the years when I use to sell on ebay and in antique stores
Re-Bean Books / DVD's, Clothing / Accessories, Toys / Video Games East 40,41 Envisions a place where kids, and adults can find the stuffed animal of their dreams.
Reigelman, Glenn Miscellaneous Items East 58-59
DJ's Distinctive Gifts Miscellaneous Items East 60,61 We sell dragon, fairy, and skull figurines, birdhouses, and handcrafted items.
Thrifty Fran Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Collectibles, Miscellaneous Items East 44 my items are in very good condition I am on many platforms, ebay, marketplace,etc I sell new and old, all different items
Brand Name Handbags Overstock Bargain Bin Items, Bargain Bin Items, Bargain Bin Items East 2-3,5-7 Brand name handbags,shoes,from dept stores and closeouts.
Roberts, Therese Home Furnishings & Decor , Household Goods, Novelties & Gifts East 147-151 Flags, Spencer's gift items
Lee Enterprize Antiques, Books / DVD's, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 126-127 General Merchandise, Miscellaneous items
Sakal, Mary/Sara Neuman Miscellaneous Items East 106
Some Where "N" Time Antiques, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Jewelry / Timepieces Center 27 Collectables Old& New
Kethy's Kloset Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor , Jewelry / Timepieces East 116 Collectibles, clothes, estate furniture, and jewelry.
Geek Gear Collectibles, Music & Instruments, Toys / Video Games East 118-119 Buying/Selling/Celebrating pop culture and all things geeky from the past 35 years or so.
Wood You Could & More Tools & Hardware, Arts & Handmade Items, Engraving Center 43-44 woodcrafts,engraving,yardart
See, Georgia Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Collectibles, Jewelry / Timepieces East 107 Collectible glassware, Jewelry
Seeking, Susan Religious Items Center 12 Gives bibles away.
Sell, Trevor Arts & Handmade Items, Music & Instruments, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia East 34 Anything creative!
Sexton, Linda & Robert Books / DVD's, Toys / Video Games, Food / Sweets / Beverages East 68,89 Drinks, Chips, Comic books, Toys
Learn & Grow Toys & Stuff Toys / Video Games, Clothing / Accessories, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes Center 55,56 Educational Toys, and more, Ceramics
Siloy, Jack Arts & Handmade Items, Jewelry / Timepieces East 145 Jewelry, hand made decorations, and paintings. Minor jewelry repairs. Chabochons/crystals; custom orders.
Layered Designs Arts & Handmade Items, Collectibles, Miscellaneous Items Center 63,64,65 3D printing and designing accepts custom orders
Smith, Lawrence Miscellaneous Items East 78,79
CLE Custom Canvas Arts & Handmade Items, Home Furnishings & Decor , Miscellaneous Items Center 80-81 Custom hand-spun canvas artwork and more!
Happy Links Jewelry & Collectibles Jewelry / Timepieces, Collectibles, Home Furnishings & Decor East 161-162,171-174 Jewelry and collectibles
Erie NIghts Arts & Handmade Items Center 28,29 Handmade painting, wood burning, resin pouring, amigurumi, 3D-printing animals, and table top figurines
Phat Daddy's Comics Books / DVD's, Collectibles, Toys / Video Games East 152 Specializing in vintage comic books (1940s-1980s) + Horror/Sci-Fi magazines.
Suster, Joseph Miscellaneous Items East 123-125
stockpile sale Household Goods East 49 all brand new household items
Alterations by Hernandez Service & Repairs, Clothing / Accessories Center 1 Alterations & Repairs
Vinoverski, Arts & Handmade Items, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes East 135 Selling bisque items- handmade crafts
Washington & Co. Insurance Agency, Inc. Miscellaneous Items Center 3 Insurance information
Crafts & More Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts East 47-48 Handmade crafts - craft books - yarn - afghans - cross stitch kits - crafts for kids
Deb's Vintage & Handmade Items Arts & Handmade Items, Antiques East 90,91 This vendor has Antique and Vintage items, along with handmade scarves and washcloth's.
Betty's Gifts Novelties & Gifts, Collectibles Center 31-32 Precious Moments Figures. Household items. Wreaths & flower arrangements. Bows
M.A.A.L.L. CUSTOM EMBROIDERY Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Pet Supplies East 94-95 We sell custom made: Corn Hole bags- Stuffed Toys- Doll Clothes- Dog Coats
Wing's Art & Handmade Items Arts & Handmade Items, Novelties & Gifts, Clothing / Accessories Center 19 Crocheted Baby Items
Miss Jays Goods and Gadgets Antiques, Ceramics / Glassware / Dishes, Miscellaneous Items East 142 A shoppers paradise....Plenty good useful items and lots of one of kind items to utilize or gift out to others. All at a great price
J & J Removal Home Furnishings & Decor , Household Goods, Miscellaneous Items East 136 Offering household items and furniture.
Yarnell, Cathy Miscellaneous Items East 98,99 Printware
Steven L. York Antiques, Jewelry / Timepieces, Coins / Stamps East 64 Ohio Licensed Precious Metals Dealer. Honest buyer of Silver, Gold and Coins!
Modern Maiden Beauty Arts & Handmade Items, Jewelry / Timepieces, Religious Items Center 7 I hand craft beauty products soaps, candles, body scrubs, as well as hemp and epoxy paintings as well as other custom creations
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