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Looking for something to spruce up your home? Need more shelf space or a place to store out of season clothes, toys, DVDs, nunchuks, gloves, or sewing supplies? Look no further! At Jamie's you'll find a wide variety of home decorations, furnishings, housewares and linens

Repurpose the items you find at Jamie's:

  • A vase can make a unique lamp
  • Old suitcases and hatboxes make attractive storage bins for books, CDs or DVDs
  • A cleaned-up stepladder is perfect for plants
  • Hang an old wooden ladder for a unique pots & pans rack - a true space saver!

Can't find what you are looking for? Check out our vendor directory or swing by the office located in the front of the Center building and we'll do our best to help you!

Open Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-4pm all year round with free admission, free parking, and enough fun for your whole family!!


This n That
(Booth: 18)

Primitive Creations and Scents
(Booth: 7,8)

Home Furnishings & Decor Vendors

Geraldine Moretz - East
Booth: 96-97

Roberts, Therese - East
Booth: 147-151

For That Perfect Touch - East
Booth: 105

T. B. H. International - East
Booth: 112-113

My Business is "Personalized" - East
Booth: 42

Grande Gifts - East
Booth: 29-30

Custer's Ware - East
Booth: 102-103

Josh's Corner - East
Booth: 114,126

I Believe In Resale - East
Booth: 65,66

This n That - Center
Booth: 18

CLE Custom Canvas - Center
Booth: 80-81

Koscho, Leah - East
Booth: 26

Kaleighs Creations - East
Booth: 32

The Home & Decor Sore - Center
Booth: 61,62,63

Primitive Creations and Scents - Center
Booth: 7,8

Gold Rush Apiary - East Building
Booth: 80

Deskins and Sons - Center Building
Booth: 3,5,11

Denis Menard - Center
Booth: 57,58

Sherry Jones - Center
Booth: 70

Chele's Creations - Center
Booth: 65

Linger, Ronald - East
Booth: 132

Rustic Antiques and Gifts LLC - Center
Booth: 81

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