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Shop for fine and costume, heirloom and contemporary jewelry at Jamie's. Wear one-of-a-kind pieces instead of department store items. Or make unique jewelry for you or your kids with beads, crystals, or old coins.

And there's more! You'll also find a selection of watches and beautiful carved wood clocks, plus repair services at Jamie's. Some vendors buy and sell gold and silver.

Can't find what you are looking for? Check out our vendor directory or swing by the office located in the front of the Center building and we'll do our best to help you!

Open Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-4pm all year round with free admission, free parking, and enough fun for your whole family!!


Steven L. York
(Booth: 37,64)

Siloy, Jack
(Booth: 145)

Linda's Unlimited Creations
(Booth: 9,10)

Smart and well
(Booth: 37)

Jewelry / Timepieces Vendors

Millie Mitchell - Center
Booth: 52-54

Mouser, Eva - Center
Booth: 66,67,72,73,74,75

Johnson, Barb - East
Booth: 13

Steven L. York - East
Booth: 37,64

Alemane, Ray - East
Booth: 92

See, Georgia - East
Booth: 107

Crystals & Sterling - Center
Booth: 20,21

Lavender Snow Gifts - East
Booth: 121-122

Siloy, Jack - East
Booth: 145

Beano's - Center
Booth: 48,49,50,51

Quirky Dee's - East
Booth: 104

Linda's Unlimited Creations - Center
Booth: 9,10

Yaya's Goodies - East
Booth: 104

One more time with kathryn and marilyn - East
Booth: 108,109

Smart and well - Center
Booth: 37

My Reclaimed Life - East
Booth: 52

Danielle Townsend - Center Building
Booth: 65

Mayflower Forms LLC - East
Booth: 7

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