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Handmade items are unique and make great gifts. At Jamie's you'll find items for babies, girls and boys, and to decorate your home for Halloween, Easter and Christmas. There's even something for the person who doesn't need anything!

You'll also find a variety of items to make your own decorations and jewelry, as well as cards and items you can have personalized.

Can't find what you are looking for? Check out our vendor directory or swing by the office located in the front of the Center building and we'll do our best to help you!

Open Wednesday and Saturday, 8am-4pm all year round with free admission, free parking, and enough fun for your whole family!!


Wing's Art & Handmade Items
(Booth: 19)

Teaches how to crochet

Deb's Vintage & Handmade Items
(Booth: 90,91)

This vendor has many antique and vintage items, along with handmade scarves and washcloth's. Definitely a must see!

Siloy, Jack
(Booth: 145)

This n That
(Booth: 18)

Linda's Unlimited Creations
(Booth: 9,10)

(Booth: 129,130,131)

Unpainted ceramics, and finished ceramics

Primitive Creations and Scents
(Booth: 7,8)

Smart and well
(Booth: 37)

Arts & Handmade Items Vendors

Wing's Art & Handmade Items - Center
Booth: 19

Deb's Vintage & Handmade Items - East
Booth: 90,91

Booth: 95

For That Perfect Touch - East
Booth: 105

Goose Costumes by Bonnie Krenzer - Center
Booth: 22-23

Wood You Could & More - Center
Booth: 43-44

T. B. H. International - East
Booth: 112-113

Lavender Snow Gifts - East
Booth: 121-122

The Corner Store - East
Booth: 36

Banks - East
Booth: 133-134

Grande Gifts - East
Booth: 29-30

Siloy, Jack - East
Booth: 145

1313 Macabre Lane - East
Booth: 169,171-172

Steele - East
Booth: 15,16,52

This n That - Center
Booth: 18

Linda's Unlimited Creations - Center
Booth: 9,10

CLE Custom Canvas - Center
Booth: 80-81

Geek's Lore - East
Booth: 128

Vinoverski, - East
Booth: 129,130,131

Mamma B's Crafty Creations - center
Booth: 36

Craig-Dixon, Donna - East
Booth: 143,144

Whims and Stitches - East
Booth: 12,57

Renett, Rodger - East
Booth: 132

Kaleighs Creations - East
Booth: 45

Primitive Creations and Scents - Center
Booth: 7,8

Chop Shop - East
Booth: 48

Smart and well - Center
Booth: 37

scholz,merry - Center
Booth: 46,47

Rad Custom Creations - East
Booth: 52

CB's Custom Designs - East
Booth: 78,79

Sowders, Kimberly - Center
Booth: 6

Instrinsic Soaps - East Building
Booth: 53

Boho Gypsy Boutique - Center
Booth: 38

Crafty Crafters - Center
Booth: 45

Over the Moon Gifts, LLC - East
Booth: 127

Art Bee Aubrien - Center
Booth: 71

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